Everyone & Me


I recently read the book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. My sister bought it for me for Christmas because she claims she hears me say that phrase a lot. If she does, it’s because I was a traumatized middle child who had to share friends & cousins with my older sister. But I don’t think I really say that. Anyhow, this Mindy Kaling has really been inspiring me to write. I read the excerpts of her book that are so casual and light hearted; so easy to consume and I think “I can write that like”. Like I’m having a conversation with someone except that I have curated all my jokes and profound questions prior to the listener hearing them. And I don’t let the other person in the conversation respond. That’s basically how my conversations go anyhow. I find it best to just have conversations with myself. This way all the parties involved will truly understand where I’m coming from when I say whatever I say, they’ll laugh at my jokes, and there’s rarely awkward eye contact. Although, sometimes I do practice talking in the mirror.

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